Our doctors, nurses, and staff are all well-trained, and extremely competent. Combined with our patient-centered approach we offer a spectacular skillset to a wide breadth of services. If you’ve come to this page and you’re dealing with an emergency situation, please stop and call 9-1-1. If not, you can see a list of the services we provide below.

Photo of family suggesting we can do primary care for every member of you family.

Primary Care

Our primary care goals are to treat illnesses and educate patients. Our specialties include family and internal medicine, preventative medicine, adolescent and pediatric medicine, public health, and much more.

Primary Care Services

Reach fitness goals and follow healthy diet plans

Physical Fitness

We approach every one of our patients with a level of empathy not normally seen in the medical industry. We’re not into quick-fixes, trendy diets, or fads. We’re focused on long-term solutions that are good for your health and well-being.

Physical Fitness Services

Chiropractic adjustments can address back and join pain.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic medicine is a natural and safe method to treat joint and back pain. Including pain management,  post surgery recovery.

Chiropractic Services

Trained to address health issues specific to a healthy woman.

Women’s Health

Our providers are trained and experienced with all aspects of women’s health including reproductive health, birth control and other needs specific to women.

Women's Health Services

diet and exercise plans from a dietition

Weight Control

Health comes first and that every single body is different. Your height, activity, and a number of other factors all play into what makes you, you. Get control of your body and your weight with healthy meal plans from a registered dietition.

Weight Control Services

Mental health services

Mental Health

We treat all mental health issues in a safe, trusting space. You can trust that you’ll be treated properly and professionally by our staff. We practice meditative and coping practices that can be beneficial to patients.

Mental Health Services