Our Providers

Together our team of doctors serve the Idaho Falls community. Learn about each doctor’s specialities and experience and why that makes us the perfect family doctors. We work to find the root causes of your ailments, determine solutions and work with you to return to wellness.


Family Doctors

We take the responsibility and charge of being your family’s caretaker seriously. Comprehensive Care Centers are structured to be your family’s first stop to wellness. Our commitment to your health doesn’t begin and end when you arrive at our office. Below are the values we commit to provide.

Personalized Care

Every person has a different background. We get to know you and as our relationship grows we’re able to provide recommendations and treatments catered to your specific needs. We want you to know you have a medical professional in your corner that understands your unique situation and needs.

Knowledge and Experience

With a spectrum of expertise that covers a health from head to toe you will always be speaking with a provider that can best help you. Each of our providers is an expert in a different area, with overlapping and complimentary skills. We frequently consult, meet and discuss our different patients’ needs so that we can always be giving up to date information and recommendations.


Family doctors need to be easily accessible and available. We have several urgent care PAs on staff ready to treat your symptoms even when you don’t have an appointment.

Current Trends

Staying up to date on current health trends and best practices allows us to keep you and your family healthy and to anticipate what could cause issues in the future. Together with care and experience, we aim to put you at ease through the healing process.

A Doctor You Can Call

The patient/doctor relationship has changed in recent history, and not necessarily for the better. Between paperwork, insurance and all the other obstacles standing in the way of your wellness, doctors have been spending less face to face time with their patients. Our office changes that.

Your Family’s Doctor

At Comprehensive Primary Care and Wellness Center our focus is on a healthy patient/doctor relationship. Our patients know us, and we know them. We are on your journey to wellness along with you, and understand the difficulties along the way. We look forward to being there for you and your family’s health.

What to Expect When Being Treated By Our Doctors

As a primary care center, we see people with ailments, sickness and injuries across the board. However, in general when you visit us you can expect a few consistent things.

  • Address your health concerns, understanding how you feel
  • Determine and diagnose your health problems
    This may involve testing, or taking other measurments with our state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Create a treatment plan
  • Prescribe medication if necessary
  • Set an expectation for recovery, and have a followup appointment

Each physician will treat you with respect, care and understanding as you share what has been affecting your well-being. We strive for an open and honest patient/doctor relationship with you, and find that patients who do the same have the best results.

If you have questions about a particular service or symptom you may be experiencing we recommend calling our office and scheduling an appointment. Our office staff will be more than happy to direct you further.

Pictures of the community care staff on the wall in the clinic

We’re doctors and medical professionals with families, focused on being your family doctor.

Hallway of our doctors offices and treatment rooms.

Our office is equipped with the latest technology available to help ensure accurate diagnosis.

Comprehensive Primary Care and Wellness Center's front entry door

Located inside the Creekside Plaza on the second floor Suite F, we are located conveniently near the corner of Sunnyside and Hitt roads between Idaho Falls and Ammon.